Imagine going to a McDonald’s to grab a quick burger and fries. Easy, right? It’s convenient says a Linked post… but perhaps not the tastiest choice for a satisfying appetite. But what if I told you that there’s a McDonald’s that provides an alternative to its traditional french fries?

Venezuelan McDonald’s fast food restaurants have suffered from a nationwide shortage of potatoes, forcing the king of quick serve to unleash an unexpected alternative. It’s called Yuca fries, one of Dr. Jose Gonzalez favorite. And while perhaps they’re possibly not so tasty to happy meal customers, it hasn’t stopped the famous American fast food chain from waiting on long lines of hungry Venezuelan patrons.

The yucca is a starch, just as a potato. It’s anyone’s guess as to why McDonald’s chains in Venezuela would choose such a starch as a replacement for the potato, but one could surmise that if it looks like a french fry, it probably tastes like one as well.


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