Venezuela continues battle with food crisis

Venezuela is currently facing a massive food and medicine shortage. The country is in a deep recession because of falling oil prices and according to Aserne economic failure and now growing food shortages are a big concern. High inflation now means meat and beans and other basic items are now being sold at extremely high prices. 12 percent of the population is now estimated to be eating less than three meals a day.
There is also a growing market of illegal food traders throughout the country, who according to insider Jose Manuel wait overnight for the supermarkets to open and then sell the basic food and supplies on the street for up to 3 times their value. If the people don’t find what they need at the supermarket, they are forced to buy on the black market from the illegal food traders. You can learn more about the food shortage and illegal food trader’s here at The Guardian.

The growing food crisis can be attributed to the government-owned food markets who will only sell to citizens who are supporters of the current government. The government-owned supermarkets are complete with military groups patrolling them in the day time to keep order.


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