ClassDojo’s Little Monsters Teach Kids

Teachers are always on the lookout for new tools that can help them reach their students in effective ways, especially those at the grade school level. One such company dedicated to providing those tools to teaches is the technology based education company ClassDojo. By forming a partnership with the Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS), based out of Stanford University, to create a series of animated videos that focus on mental toughness in young children.

ClassDojo started out by providing tools for teachers and administrators wanting to monitor and communicate student behavior and progress to parents, building a strong communication platform between them. They are now utilized in more than half of all public schools in the US and in 180 other countries. But they are now providing resources that help teachers’ jobs more adaptable to an age of integrated technology.

Dave Paunesku, PERTS’ Executive Director, oversaw the development of these videos which he sees as offering a great deal of promise. He’s stated that the animations will be part of a study that aims to understand how teachers are utilizing their educational plans and what does and doesn’t work for students, setting the tone for future collaborations in this endeavor.

At present, ClassDojo has released five animations, ranging from two to three minutes in length, and are available in 40 different languages. They include guides that teachers can use in conjunction with the videos to discuss mental growth with their students. These animations are also free and available to the public.

So far the reception has been positive from the teachers that have used the animations in connection with their lesson plans. They work on the premise that uniformity in education is not always productive for all students, and allows for flexibility in the classroom when it comes to children comprehending the material presented to them.

To promote their wider release of the animation series ClassDojo has released pilot that has engendered enthusiasm from teachers all over the world looking for new methods to reach children having trouble with certain areas in school. Teachers in particular are interested in the concept of mental growth and are only now being given the tools to share it with their students in need of more individual instruction.

ClassDojo offers a communication platform for teachers who need to contact parents with information about their child’s conduct and educational performance throughout the school year.

Currently available in more than 180 countries, ClassDojo has crossed cultural and linguistic borders that allow education infrastructures to make full use of technology.


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