Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital at the Forefront of Responsible Financial Planning

If you think about the world with financial planners, advisers, brokers, and any other financial professional under the sun then you probably have considered how some people act in their own interest and not one of their clients. However, despite the problems within the financial profession and those that are based in greed and deception, there are still many organizations out there who are trying to bring together buyers and sellers within the market.

Many financial organizations are honest and trustworthy. And, while there are middle of the road financial professionals, Sanjay Shah and his organization, Solo Capital, have started to turn heads when it comes to being responsible first in the area of financial decision making.

Responsibility might not sound like the correct term to describe a financial organization, however, when you start to see the work both inside and outside of the office for Solo Capital then you can truly start to understand why they could and should be considered more responsible than anything else. Obviously there are organizations of all shapes and sizes and they all exist to generate a profit while providing goods and services for others. However, when you consider the idea that anyone who understands long run relationships also understand the idea of getting more for less effort, then you can instantly see where Sanjay Shah is coming from as well.

The theory of developing relationships and taking care of people is central to why current clients and customers consider Sanjay Shah responsible. He doesn’t sacrifice long term relationships or put trust on the line in the name of making a few extra dollars. And, when you consider his whole organization has been molded in the same way, then you can start to see why so many individuals want to work with someone who has their best interest in mind.

At the end of the day Sanjay Shah has been able to create an organization as well as an image that is based entirely on trust and accountability in the financial realm. Not only is it paying off for him, but his clients are seeing the results as well.


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