Duda Melzer’s Commitment to Growth

The chief executive officer of RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, recently addressed an auditorium filled with people for his lecture series, “You With the President”. In this particular presentation, Melzer, fondly called “Duda” by friends and colleagues, spoke about “Commitment to Growth”. He discussed people, execution capability, business culture and about leadership and its legacy. He also gave his recipe for success which focuses on people and having the courage to expand a business.

As the president/executive of RBS Group since July of last year, Duda revealed his tactics for motivating people at work on a daily basis. He is passionate about the people around him and those who work with him. His love for his job is readily apparent, as well as his love for his family. People understand his happiness and he encourages other to find their own happiness as well. Duda, even being a young CEO, considers his position to be two dimensional. He focuses on the skills it takes to run a business as well as the skills in people. He firmly believes that growth of a company will only take place if people are passionate about their jobs. His role as a leader is to identify people and their profiles and understand what they are good at, and light the paths ahead of them. Duda stated in his speech, “A company comes to unimagined places with a top team formed by people passionate about what they do.”

On the topic of business management, Duda pointed out that every company should be excellent in execution. Do everything with efficiency and intensity and you will get good results. The mediator of the lecture asked for advice for new executives. Duda responded that the key for success is the belief in your goals and passion for your work.

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