Visual Search: The Future Of Shopping


The future of shopping is looking a lot brighter for customers. Not everyone has a big enough vocabulary in order to describe the exact item they are looking for. There are many cases where a person sees something that he likes, but he can’t find it because he doesn’t know how to describe the item. He doesn’t even know what store sells the item. Therefore, he does not know where to start. He can type as many words in search engines that he wants, but it will take him a while to find the product that he is looking for if he is going to find it at all. However, visual search can and will cut that down.

One of the ways that visual search will cut down the work for the customer is that it relies on images instead of words. Perhaps the question the user might ask is how they are going to get the picture. They can just take a picture of the item they see and use the image on the app. The app will direct them to where the item is sold. The app will also tell the customer about the status of the item. For instance, it will let the customer know if the item is being sold anymore. It will also let people know about similar items and where they are sold.

One shining example of visual search is Slyce. SLyce can be downloaded as an app for various devices and operating systems. With Slyce, people will know what to look for. As a result, they will be more inclined to buy something. Retailers will also make a lot of income from Slyce which is why new partnerships were formed. Among the types of retailers that Slyce has partnered with are clothing stores, department stores, mass merchandisers and plenty of other types of retailers.

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