Online reputation marketing instead of management

Many companies are resorting to online reputation management when things haywire in their businesses. Rather than sort out issues, they wait for them to pile up until when the results of the online reputation start reflecting on the bottom-line.
According to Forbes, this is a little irresponsible thing to do. Online reputation can be guided as per the wishes of the organization. You do not need to suppress a disgruntled customer review when you have a battalion of good reviews available to the client.

Strategic decisions separate business. What sets apart a successful company from a market phenomenal is the way you Brand Yourself. It is no longer a competition between who brings more evidence as to how bad or how good your services are. Customers tend to believe fellow customers. If there is only one disgruntled customer, and he decides to express his frustration, that is what potential clients read.

It is paramount to understand customer psychology. Most satisfied customers do not have the motivation to review a product, after all, the service or product satisfied the need. So it is natural that there will be more weight on disgruntled customers’ reviews, as opposed to satisfied customer reviews. A happy customer is likely to say, “Excellent product,” “Great service!” On the other hand, the disgruntled customer will be detailed and maybe will have proof of your communication.

It is out of this background that it is advised that businesses should focus on marketing their good reputation. Making that every satisfied customer leaves a review, however, brief it is. You cannot continuously concentrate on defending your reputation when you can, at your own convince, create a marketing plan for all your good reviews. It is not always about crisis management.

According to Olenski, black hat SEO, and fake content is what most companies offer. They provide the best reviews for free and have no genuine concern on how you can improve your business’s services or products. Through online reputation marketing, research and development can go a long way in sprucing up your service delivery and products without having to resort to shady crisis management solutions.


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