ClassDojo Platform Empowers Parent, Teacher, and Student Communication

ClassDojo, a startup tech company, has recently raised $21 million for their school app. Their innovative app supports teacher and parent interactions throughout the school day and not just during parent-teacher conferences.

The ClassDojo app allows teachers to remain in contact with parents and supply them with pertinent information about their children’s activities throughout the entire school year. Instead of just discussing a child’s progress and challenges once a semester with parents, teachers can now use the ClassDojo app to create a parent-teacher meeting each and every day.

The founders of ClassDojo are not stopping with the already advanced and practical features of their new app but are continuing to add new modalities to it through the means of teacher-led feedback. They feel that in order to create a positive culture in today’s classrooms and schools, it is necessary to design applications in accordance to the present-day needs of teachers and parents. This gives the company much credibility in the eyes of the school’s they service and the venture capitalists who have already invested $21 million in their community-building app.

Through the Class Dojo app, parents can easily communicate with their children and assess their school activities throughout the day. The app also gives teachers the ability to conform to both the needs of the child in accordance with their parents’ wishes.

The founders of ClassDojo initially came up with the idea for their app in 2011, when the company was founded. At that time, they saw a majority of other educational service providers supplying lots of digital products and services designed to support a better classroom experience for students but did not notice any product or service that addressed the relationships between parents, teachers, and students. They made it their mission to find innovative ways to tighten the educational bond between these three respective parties in order to make for a more holistic educational experience for everyone involved.

Although ClassDojo has led the way in innovative services and products for ground-up school community change since their inception, they are now being followed by a host of other tech companies who have also realized the needs for community-building in schools. These other companies are trying very hard to come up with creative ways to bridge the gap between parent, teacher, and student communication as well. Class Dojo, however, welcomes the competition as they say it helps them stay creative and true to their mission.

To date, the ClassDojo platform has been used by over 85,000 teachers in both private and public schools throughout the United States. The app is mostly being used by teachers teaching kindergarten up to the 8th grade.

While ClassDojo has not yet begun to create revenue for itself, the company is still wholly focused on distributing its app to more teachers and parents throughout the U.S. Future revenue, the company says, will never come through private data. ClassDojo believes in keeping the safety of students, and the school system as a whole, one of its main priorities, and therefore will never sell any private information to any third-party. Instead, it plans on charging for new features and add-ons to both teachers and parents in the near future.

About ClassDojo

Class Dojo, founded in 2011, is a startup tech company and platform whose mission is to create a positive classroom culture through innovative technologies that help teachers share and communicate a student’s daily school activities with their respective parents.

ClassDojo currently has 25 employees and is led by co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The ClassDojo platform is currently able to connect students, teachers, and parents together through student profiles, which are accessible to students, parents, and teachers alike.

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