Living inside a Dream at an Affordable Price


Kevin Seawright is known as an executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer residing in Baltimore, United States. He’s worked in several business related fields. This includes local government, education and real estate. He still maintains his commitment in Baltimore as an active member of community, government and public education systems. For example, he installed the non-profit focused Program. The University of Notre Dame recognizes his commitment to the group and awarded him for his efforts.

Behind the Success of Kevin Seawright

¬†Seawright’s profound use of the Citi Stat program in Baltimore has caught a lot of attention. It represents quantitative data to the city’s department, management and interprets the findings. Based on the data, they can track goals and provide solutions to many problems that occur in the city. He has improved monetary savings and the quality of services by creating a rapid response system that provides solutions to problems of citizens.

Cooperation with Kevin Seawright

RPS solutions has established a long history of renovating houses for first-time buyers. They’re partnered with Baltimore City Officials, Housing and community development to improve living conditions in Baltimore and make houses affordable. The organization allows many individuals to have their dream house that’s depicted in magazines. Also, they are able to keep their budget intact.

The current project assists many individuals such as an old friend of Kevin Seawright. The opportunity to seek housing upgrades at an affordable price is unparalleled. RPS solutions strives to increase the amount of homeowners and percentage of homeownership.

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