Seattle Genetics is a successful genetic therapy company

Our genetic make-up plays a huge role in our lives. Genetics helps determine everything from intelligence to height to susceptibility to disease. Humans have known about genetics for centuries, but only recently have we started manipulating genetics to build a better future. Many doctors believe that genetic research may change the way that cancer and other dangerous diseases are treated. Several companies have popped up in recent years with one goal in mind, use genetics to cure the world’s worst diseases. Seattle Genetics is one powerful company that is applying what we know about genetics to the treatment of cancer.

Seattle Genetics is a powerful biotechnology firm that focuses on developing antibody-based treatments for disease. The company is a leader in their industry. The goal of their treatments is to eliminate problem cells, while avoiding healthy cells. This therapy shows great promise and if used successfully can preserve one’s quality of life while keeping them alive longer. Seattle Genetics has several amazing drugs in progress that they feel will change the world for the better.

ADCERTIS is the leading drug from Seattle Genetics. This therapy has shown great success in treating lymphoma. Seattle Genetics is also working on SGN-CD33A, a critical drug for treating leukemia. The drug is in phase 3, and they have the utmost confidence in it. Seattle Genetics hopes to unveil several new therapies in the coming years.

Seattle Genetics is led by the brilliant Clay Siegall. Clay helped found the company in the late nineties and has been heavily involved in the company’s growth ever since. Clay is a well-trained scientist and has dedicated his life to finding successful cancer therapies. Clay Siegall has helped spearhead many innovations at Seattle Genetics, but he also has helped the company financially. The company has successfully raised $1.2 billion through both private and public financing. Clay Siegall considers Seattle Genetics to be the pinnacle of his life’s work and he hopes to see it grow more successful as the years go by.

Cancer can be defeated if we dedicate the right resources to the problem. Seattle Genetics is making major inroads in the war against cancer.

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