IAP Worldwide Takes the World by Storm, One Client at a Time

IAP Worldwide Services is one of foremost providers of logistics, management and professional and technical services in the world. They have more than 2,000 employees in more than 25 countries and aim to solve their client’s most difficult challenges. They pride themselves on their commitment to veterans, the environment, the community and every one of their clients.

Ready at a moment’s notice, their job is to expect the unexpected. They plan, coordinate and execute the most complicated logistical challenges on prnewswire.com. They assist in maintaining and operating military facilities, civilian facilities and research laboratories. IAP provides the people and resources to support their customer’s needs worldwide.

IAP makes it their responsibility to treat each client with respect and gratitude and they take a personal interest in each client’s needs. Their mission on iapws.com is to solve the most challenging issues using their expertise and will not rest until the desired results are achieved. IAP provides problem solving solutions at an urgent response rate and is proud to go above and beyond to accomplish feats that seem impossible.

Since 1943, IAP Worldwide has been building the future. Pan Am World Services, Inc. built America’s first space launch complex base and over the next 45 years the company provides full facilities maintenance support on hoovers. In 1989, Johnson Controls, Inc. acquired Pan Am Services, forming Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. They became a global leader in the management of military bases and commercial facilities, and developed new ways to increase energy efficiency, provided technical support and temporary personnel.

IAP was founded in 1990 and specialized in logistics and procurement. They became a trusted partner of the United States military and won contracts for international procurement, emergency disaster relief and transportation services. By 2004, IAP held government service contracts worth $370 million. In 2005, they acquired JCWS (Johnson Controls Worldwide Services). IAP continued to grow its reputation and experience.

In 2006, IAP acquired G3 Systems Ltd., an engineering company that provides the government, commercial clients and international clients a range of facilities, services and solutions. G3 had the capability to deliver, operate and maintain facilities on a global front. In 2014, IAP completed their reconstruction of the company under new ownership.

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