Wengie Gives An Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial

In a recent Youtube video, makeup vlogger Wengie shows the audience her new go-to makeup look that she has been wearing for the last month. She also suggested that people leave comments for a suggestion for her new videos that she releases twice a week and was looking for an idea for her Thursday video.


The first thing she does is to make sure that her hair is secured out of her way with a special velcro item that does not leave dents in the hair and simply keeps fly aways out of her face. Next, she applies a toner to her face to remove and dirt and debris and prep her skin for the makeup application.


She then applies an all in one BB cream that she can cover her face evenly with to give the effect of an even skin tone without the caked foundation look. She spreads the BB cream with a damp makeup sponge to get the product even all over her face. Then she uses a brow mascara that is lighter than her natural color to soften her look. She follows up with a brow powder to fill in any gaps and give more of a finished look.


Wengie then takes a brown eyeliner pencil to her waterline and the area above her upper eyelashes in a thin even line that extends just a bit from the natural crease to elongate the look of the eye and define the shape. She uses a bit of brown shadow on the edges of the eyes and she then uses the same color to do a bit of contouring. She takes an eyelash curler to achieve a more awake look.


For her lips, she applies a red lip tint under a pink lip gloss for a naturally tinted lip look. She also uses the lip tint as a blush and blends with a damp makeup sponge. The look is complete and she urges people that try the look to tag her so she can see what their look turns out like. She also tells the audience to stay tuned for her Saturday video.

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