The Midas touch of Raj Fernando

Rajiv K. “Raj” Fernando popularly known as Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur, political fundraiser and most importantly, a philanthropist. He served previously as the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading before becoming the current Chairman and Chief Executive Office of

Raj Fernando is the son of CK and Laura Fernando. He was born in Denmark because his parents were residing in Denmark at the time of his birth. However, the family moved to the United States before Raj’s first birthday. Raj boasts of a good educational background given that he is an alumnus of Beloit College having graduated from the College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Furthermore, Raj also attended University College London.

From his teenage days, Raj Fernando always had an admirable work ethic. For instance, while still studying in College, he volunteered his time and skills at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Upon graduating from College, Raj worked his way up careerwise from 1991 to 2001 serving in several trading posts.

Having acquired adequate trading skills, Mr. Raj decided to start his own trading company called Chopper trading in 2002. Basically, the Chicago-based trading firm focused on the segments of equities, fixed income and so on. As the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading, Mr. Raj designed, effected and managed several sophisticated trading, communications, and risk management as well as administration and Source Code security systems in the business industry.

Under the leadership of Raj Fernando, Chopper Trading grew into a major participant trading on renowned international exchanges such as the CME, LSE, NASDAQ, ICE, ICAP- Broketek and Eurex. In January 2015, Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading to DRW – a worldwide leader in the financial market. A year later, Raj launched an internet start-up company called, which serves to provide trusted information to companies and investors in order to achieve an upturn in business productivity and professional growth.

Besides acting as the current CEO of, Mr. Fernando also sits on the board of American Security Project, the Chicago Committee on International Affairs and the Foreign Policy Leadership Commission at the Brookings Institute.

Mr. Fernando also participates in many philanthropic activities. He has made donations to many organizations including PAWS Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Wounded Warriors of Chicago, the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. On the political front, Mr. Fernando has always made financial donations to Democratic aspirants since 2003, notably Barrack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign bids.

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