EOS Transforms the Lip Balm Industry

Evolution of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/) came onto the lip balm scene just seven years ago. In that time, the company has grown to be one of the leading competitors in the lip balm industry. You can find the smooth spherical eggs filled with silky lip balm goodness on store shelves across the globe! So how did this little start-up become a monumental force in merely seven short years? Simply put, through the talents and time of entrepreneurs Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller.

The two men joined together when they realized there was a huge gap in the lip balm industry. A lip balm geared towards millennials was absent. Seven years ago, lip balms were sold as simple and uninteresting products for chapped lips. However, lip balms were being used by far more than people with chapped lips. Lip balms were being used as a product to maintain lips not just heal them.

So Mehra and Teller decided to create a lip balm for millennials. A lip balm that people felt good about using everyday. They reinvented the packaging of traditional lip balm with an interesting smooth egg-like container. They released brand-new scents, flavors, and colors to the lip balm market. And, they even made their product organic.

As if the product weren’t enough to sell itself, the duo did extensive marketing research and created an entirely new brand for lip balm. This is displayed through their very strong social media presence. Today, EOS is leading the lip balm industry. Thanks to EOS lip balm is no longer a boring staple in women’s beauty regimes, but instead an exciting sensory experience! Check out their products on ULTA and eBay online.

To read the full story of EOS, check out the recent article by fastcompany.com.




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