Lime Crime Takes The Cake With Vibrant New Lip Colors

For years the standard for lipstick and eye color has been the same. Either red, neutral or earth tones have been the most common options for lip and eye color. While these tones often come in variations, they often tend to be boring and repetitious. Self-made business woman and entrepreneur Doe Deere saw this as a major problem. As a lover of glam and all things color, she felt she needed to introduce new options for makeup lovers all over to explore. How could she express herself through makeup, if there weren’t any colors true to her personality and unique sense of style. After growing tired of unsuccessful searches, Deere decided to launch her own brand in 2008 and shake up the standard for lip color.


Lime Crime was built on the desire and promise to help promote and support uniqueness in guys and girls all around the world. Introducing new options for lips and eyes to the market, and encouraging difference in style and the courage to embrace these differences. She set out with a goal of creating styles and colors to match the unique and colorful clothes she stitched together to sell in her eBay store, and ended up leaving a major mark on the world of make up. All of the products produced by Lime Crime are vegan and free from animal cruelty, making them an option for people from all walks of life, according to their website.

Citing her fans as her main inspiration, Deere gives constant thanks to her fans and customers. Seeing someone dare to be different, and embrace their own sense of style no matter how outside of the norm it is, is what keeps her going. Deere calls them “unicorns”, those free spirited individuals who live life in full color, with no inhibitions. Your face is your canvass, and what you do with it says a lot about your personality and sense of inner style. Let Lime Crime paint the perfect picture of you, one vibrant color at a time.  See more of LimeCrime on social media, or visit their storefront on Urban Outfitters to try out a lip shade yourself.

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