Energy Saving Tips to use in the Dry Season according to Ken Goodrich, Goettl

People living in Las Vegas understand that air conditioning systems are more like a life support than luxury. It has been forecasted that the coming days will see Las Vegas experience temperatures above 113 degrees, and this will be the period when the cooling systems will be put through the proverbial acid test. Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich, has offered some valuable tips on energy saving in homes. The tips will assist people to ensure the comfort of their families and safety during the extremely hot days to come.

Energy Saving Tips

Ken Goodrich stated that people ought to look at their filters in advance in order to make sure that adequate air flows in the houses. Clogged filters reduce the quantity of airflow in the system, and this reduces the cooled air that the system outputs. The reduction in airflow poses a strain on the system thereby increasing chances of AC failure. Goodrich further advises people to ensure that their draperies remain shut in order to ensure that sunlight is kept outside. Appliances and gadgets that produce heat should be used sparingly during daytime when it is expected the heat will be at its highest. He advises people to grill from outside and use the microwave more.

Using Automated Systems and Regular AC Maintenance

Goodrich advises that people could look at installing thermostats that are programmable that will make it possible for temperatures to rise by a little degrees while the owner is away. The thermostat should be kept at a minimum of 5 degrees of the usual setting as setting a higher degree could produce negative results. Ceiling fans should also be used to circulate the air inside the house, making it cooler. Regular AC maintenance is important as it ensures the system runs smoothly and it ought to be done twice every year. The first service should be during the Spring as the cool season kicks in while the second maintenance ought to be during the fall season.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Gust and Adam Goettl created the Goettl Air Conditioning Company back in 1939 before moving it to Las Vegas (1968). The recession in 2007 then forced Goettl to leave Southern Nevada. Kevin Goodrich purchased the company in 2013. Goettl Air Conditioning opened doors to its Las Vegas branch office in April this year. Las Vegas is the hometown of Mr. Goodrich and it is in the same town that he fell for Goettl from an early age of 10.

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