The Magnises Black Card Gives Discounts That Offsets The Membership Price

Magnises was first created in the year 2014 as a membership club but was previously known as many series of parties that were held for young people. The parties that Magnises held were very popular among millennials, and it helped to spark an idea to create a membership for the same group of people. Billy McFarland is the creator who started Magnises, and he also stands as the CEO as well. Being in his early 20s himself, Billy can understand what young people want and need, whether they desire to have fun, to make purchases or for any professional needs that they may have, so Magnises is designed to fulfill those needs.

Magnises can be considered a millennials guide because it’s a great way to get this particular group of people to some of the best events that are geared towards the younger generation. With millennials having such a strong buying power, they are a market group that is key to the business that many different companies have, especially when it comes to things like hip hotels, gyms, events, nightclubs and more. Many companies will try to satisfy millennials by catering to the demands that this group of people have because it benefits everyone.

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Magnises Is The Black Card That Helps Millennials Build The Best Network

Magnises has chosen to partner with over 50 different companies that only have the intention of bringing great discounts, products, services and more to millennials. One of the best things that can be obtained with a Magnises membership are the discounts, which go for anything from club reservations to drink service to food and more. Even hotel stays are discounted when using the Magnises card at, especially for those who have added on one of the new lifestyle perks to their membership. The lifestyle perks that Magnises added in 2016 are passes that are very helpful to anyone who uses them.

One such pass is the HotelPass, which can be added to any Magnises membership and brings about an amazing discount to certain kinds of hotels. The Dream Hotel is one of the partners that work with Magnises and has discounted their rooms to $79 a night for Magnises card holders. Even a ClubPass can be extremely beneficial to the person using it because it makes sure they have guaranteed entrance into a nightclub, which easily can take a load off of their mind when they go to a nightclub. Magnises membership starts at $250 a year.

Anyone with a standard membership can add any pass, such as the ClubPass for $65 each month. Each pass will have their own individual price, and all the passes are obtainable by any Magnises member. The more advanced membership from Magnises can only be obtained if it’s offered to the member. With a price tag of $1000 per year, the Magnises Plus membership certainly pays off within a short period of time, especially since the users will have some exclusive benefits and incredible discounts. Having a Magnises membership is something that anyone who lives in New York City should have.

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