Securus Technologies does it again. This company makes communications between inmates and their loved ones efficient, safe, and affordable. One of their latest technologies, video visitation, is a game changer for a variety of different reasons.


Various studies show that when a prisoner can communicate with the outside world, that prisoner is much less likely to commit future crimes. This Securus Technologies innovation is literally making the community safer. It is doing so by being so easy to use.


The user only needs to set up an account online. If the user is not familiar with technology, then they can call their industry-leading customer service center. The center fields over 2 million calls per month and resolves over 99% of issues on the first call.


The account is self-explanatory. The user can simply request a video visitation time through the account. The request is then sent to the prison for approval. Once approved, the user is notified immediately.


The video visit starts when the user logs back into their account at the appropriate time. The cost of the service is about $2.72 per visit. Securus connects over 160,000 video visits per month. That adds up to over 2 million video visits per year. And that number continues to grow as time goes on.


Those are all the benefits to the user. Let’s now focus on the benefits for law enforcement.


Securus operates telecommunications services for 178 facilities in the country. With 2 million the less physical visits per year, the technology relieves congestion in overcrowded prisons. The software also takes care of scheduling so prison personnel can focus on more pressing matters. The need for security during visits is also diminished with this technology. And while it is designed to bring families together, it will never replace physical visitation. It is just a good option for everyday communication.


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