Securus vs Global Tel-Link — Securus Wins With Video Visitation

I come from a pretty rough neighborhood, and I know a few guys who have been to jail. Some of these guys were really close to me. I’m not here to talk about what they did, or why they went to jail. I am here to talk about the telecommunications companies that board over these prisons.

It’s pretty disgusting. A certain telecommunications company is given a government contract to be the only provider of telecommunications services for that facility. If you’re lucky, the prison you are trying to call will be serviced by Securus. If you are unlucky, that prison will be serviced by Global Tel-Link.

Global Tel-Link is the absolute worst. These guys force you to set up an account over the phone, charging for putting money into that account, and the cost of their telephone calls are outrageous. A 10-minute phone call costs over 10 bucks. In the call quality is absolutely miserable.

Securus is the absolute best. They not only have crystal-clear call quality, they offer something called video visitation. It’s like a video chat that gets beamed directly into the prison. I can talk to all my guys.

No joke, each video visitation costs about $2.72. And I did a little bit of reading online to find out that Securus connects almost 200,000 people per month with this technology. That adds up to over 2 million video visitations per year.

When I was doing my research, I found out that Securus is trying to get the word out about video visitation. This service is so good that Global Tel-Link is actually spreading rumors about it. They see that people are forced to use video visitation instead of personally visiting the prison. This just isn’t true. People are choosing video visitation because it’s cheap, reliable, and awesome.

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