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In the recent past, title defects have become a rampant issue in the real estate industry. Most people feel that these inconveniences cause wrongful foreclosures and stagnation. Without the title defects, the transition of assets would be a smooth process. In response to the growing demand regarding title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has responded by availing property reports with online ordering. NTC is among the best companies in document-processing and research provider for the financial and mortgage industry.

Property records are one of the key factors to certifying a clear title conveyance as well as minimizing the risks of buying the property again or failure to foreclosure. NTC has made the procedure of securing property reports easier by availing them online.

Factors that could lead to title defects
Title defects occur mostly when the property you own belong to someone else. Some of the other factors include errors in wording that do not comply with the real estate standards of the location, missing signatures for important parties such as a spouse, encumbrances that have not been cleared, and failure to follow the set procedure when filling the real estate documents.

It is advisable to clear all title defects before transferring or selling the property to avoid future inconveniences. NTC has availed several property reports online for the ever evolving mortgage industry. The reports include tax status (plus) report, tax status report, current owner report, and assignment verification report services.

According to the CEO, John Hillman, NTC has a mission to offer an easy process of obtaining property reports. The property reports offered by NTC are based on intensive research conducted from the real records and can be accessed by any residential property owner. The data is reliable as it is taken from several sources such as the counties. The firm gives accurate details for all the reports according to the needs of the client.

NTC has its offices situated in Palm Harbor, Florida. It was founded in 1991 as a private entity for research and document processing facilities to the residential mortgage sector. The firm is prominent for the accurate results and quality documentation it provides to its clients. NTC deals with property reports, assignment services, document retrieval, land record research, lien release services, final document tracking, etc.

The company is among the fastest growing firms, and its expansion can be attributed to the impact it has on the local community. It has received several awards including being ranked position 26 during the 2013 Fast 50 Awards of the fastest growing firms.

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