“Bruce Levenson – Businessman & Philanthropist”

Bruce Levenson, one of the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball franchise, has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire insurance company, AIG for breach of contract in a settlement made by the team’s former manager, Danny Ferry.

The civil action suit states, it was insured under the policy for certain losses, but AIG has ignored and denied the policy was activated. The franchise reports the insurance company was to provide coverage for employment issues such as workplace libels as well as wrongful termination. Although these claims were suppose to be covered by AIG, the insurance company has neglected to follow through.

Mr. Levenson is a Forbes billionaire,  entrepreneur and altruist, who was born in Washington, DC and later moved to Maryland. He studied at Washington University, located in St. Louise and later on graduated from American University. While in school, he majored in journalism and law.

Starting out of his Maryland apartment, Bruce and one of his friends started United Communications Group (http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx). This is a company that concentrates on information in the oil industry. There is also an app created by this enterprise, in which drivers are shown where the lowest gas prices are locally.

In 2004, collaborated with other businessmen to purchase the basketball team, today called the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson’s contributions to various charities are impressive; he has donated funds and time to organizations such as Seeds of Peace, a non-political foundation which helps youth who arrive from areas suffering conflict discover the ability to make peace with each other. The I Have a Dream Foundation connects low-income children to the possibility of obtaining higher education. The Bringing the Lesson Home program, instructs kids who live in the inner city about the Holocaust and trains them to become tour guides for the Museum.

Mr. Bruce Levenson spends time between Atlanta and Maryland, where he, his wife, Karen and three boys reside.


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