John Goulett Changing the Face of IT Staffing Through Diversant, LLC.

 John Goullet is an Information Technology genius. He is also a renowned entrepreneur, owning a very successful company. He is known to have grown a very successful company out of a mere idea. Today, people can hardly talk of Diversant LLC, without his name coming up. At Diversant, John Goullet is the Principal. With this role, he continues to innovate creative solutions that could change the face of the IT industry. We talk on John Goullet’s journey to where he is today.


John Goullet does not take education as a joke. In the year 1979, he joined the Ursinus College, Collegeville Pennsylvania. He graduated in the year 1983 with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science


John Goullet’s career began as an IT consultant. Years later, he was to move to the IT staffing industry and begin his own company, Info Technologies. That was back in the year 1994. The company was established to be an IT solutions provider for the Fortune 500 companies. By the year 1999, the company was already worth $30 Million. That year, he was ranked by the Inc, Magazine as one of the fastest growing of Fortune 500 companies.

16 years after founding his company, Goullet merged Info technologies with Diversant to form what is today the Diversant, LLC. Diversant is one of the largest companies owned by an Afican American. The company offers consultation to businesses on various problems. They also help companies acquire the best talent that is just right for their vacant posts.

November 2016, John Goullet had an interview with Ideamensch. He talked of how he got the idea to start Diversant. Goullet stated that he had identified a low entry barrier to the IT industry. He took the opportunity and never looked back. As for the success of the company, he attributes it to employing the best talent in the market, then delegating jobs to them. He also advices other entrepreneurs who want to be successful to hire many trainees then train their associates on how to mentor and train the trainees.


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