Troy McQuagge of the USHEALTH Group gets recognized for his Excellent Work.

Troy McQuagge is an experienced and highly performing expert in the insurance industry. He is the present CEO of the USHEALTH Group. The company has been performing exceptionally during his time in office, and this made him be recognized as the CEO of the Year. The award was offered to him by One Planet, which has been acknowledging the best professionals and enterprises in different sectors. The organization provides and equal opportunity for businesses to present nominations no matter the services that they offer. The classes that the organization recognizes are corporate communication, emerging products and services, teams, executives, public relations, and marketing.


McQuagge moved to the company in 2010. He was first assigned to be in charge of the transformation of the USHEALTH Advisors, which is a supply division of the enterprise. Troy strived to ensure that the agency grew positively. His outstanding work at the distribution unit made the firm to promote him 2014 to be CEO and president. McQuagge’s performance as the head of the company has been exceptional since he has led it to generate multimillion dollars despite facing stiff competition from other enterprises in the sector. He was happy to be appreciated by One Planet, and he believes that the staff of the USHEALTH Group significantly contributed to the win. According to him, the award indicates how hard the company has been working.


The USHEALTH Group is a leading firm that has specialized in offering top notch health insurance solutions. It is currently base in Ft. Worth, Texas and the main clients that it has been serving are self-employed people and individuals who run small enterprises. Its employees and agents have adequate knowledge and talent to provide excellent solutions to the clients.


Troy A. McQuagge’s other role at the company is being a member of its board. His CEO position also put him in charge of the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Troy has been working in the insurance sector since 1983, and he started off by working for the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995 he got another job with the United Insurance Companies Inc., and he was allocated to work for its Student Insurance Division. He displayed exceptional performance in his role and was later promoted to serve as the company’s president. McQuagge’s expertise supported the firm to make record breaking profits. It was acquired in 2006, and its buyers decided to rename it HealthMarkets. Troy was appointed to manage its sells and marketing team. In 2007 he was chosen to serve as president. His leadership assisted the Agency Marketing Group to generate more than $1 billion. His outstanding performance at the AMG led to it win awards such as the Sales Organization of the Year, which was offered by the Selling Power Magazine.

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