Jason Hope Envisions The Future From Arizona

The Futurist And Entrepreneur
Jason Hope has created reputation as the most prominent tech entrepreneur in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Jason Hope has essentially turned Scottsdale in the Silicon Valley of the Southwest with his countless innovations and insistence on providing hope for the tech industry. Now he wants to shift his focus on the new tech trend of the Internet of Things. Already in its infancy the Internet of Things promises to change the way we think of our technology for years to come.

The Internet Of Things
Essentially, the Internet of Things is the sharing and collecting of data by appliances in our lives. Everything from our lights to our cars has the potential to utilize some IoT feature. This technology is often confused for the internet as many people perceive it, but it does not necessarily involve the use of the Internet. IoT technology is currently limited in application, but Jason Hope believes things are going to change very soon. He believes that software developers are preparing for an age of mutual cooperation. When this happens we will see developers design apps intended to work together rather than compete for the same position.

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Where It All Goes From Here

The future of the Internet of Things will lead to an era of smart homes and self driving vehicles. The data collected through numerous IoT devices will make it possible to automate things we currently do by hand and make our lives much less tedious. The use of IoT in vehicles will probably, according to Hope, provide even greater improvements. With that technology we will save countless lives and cut our commute times in half. The ultimate result of all that is a future where we live safer and happier lives thanks to ingenuity.

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