Chris Burch the Serial Entrepreneur Heading Burch Creative Company

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur with interest in a wide array of businesses. He is actively involved in real estate business as well as in the fashion industry. He is an industry leader and a start-up entrepreneur. He had assisted over 50 successful companies when they were in their initial stages. Chris Burch is the founder and the current CEO of the Burch Creative Company. His business leadership has seen the company grow tremendously, and has adhered to his business philosophy of seeing and utilizing entrepreneurial opportunities even in the most unfavourable markets.

Chris Burch in his Burch Creative Company has been able to apply creativity, imagination, support, and incubation to get into new markets. Chris has developed important business rules that have helped his company to create brands that have gained acceptability in the market in a short period. For decades, Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur who has had a lot impact in the business field of the United States creating numerous businesses which have been very successful. He has a comprehensive understanding of how to develop a business model that will work, and this is what has helped him become very successful. Chris Burch can assess how an individual business would be affected by various factors, and how to weigh the risk factor before getting into any enterprise. He has tremendous expertise in the area of impact and innovation, and this is what differentiates him from other entrepreneurs in the US and all over the world.

When Chris got into the fashion industry, he knew very well that the industry has a relationship with the technology field, and if one can combine the two no doubt that the venture will be highly profitable. The two industries always have the same growth rate, and they are always evolving. Chris has been able to utilize the two and made a lot of money. He has done business since his college days. He used to buy sweaters at around $10 and sell them at $15 making some good profits. He has had some setbacks in his businesses, but this has not stopped him, he has always picked some lessons even in the most challenging situations.


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