Wessex Institute of Technology’s Innovative eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology located in Ashurst, New Forest, England houses an acclaimed electronic library. The eLibrary contains over 30,000 peer reviewed papers of which all from 1993 to 2016 are open access. This stacks up impressively to other competing technical institutes electronic libraries. However, publication count is only a small part of the picture. Navigation of eLibraries are often clumsy and tedious, requiring lengthy tutorials given to students for them to even attempt to utilize them. Not so with the Wessex Institute’s eLibrary. Navigating is a breeze with their intuitive and user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). From the institution’s end, uploading new content is often a difficult task. At Wessex Institute, the ease at which new content can be added is matched only by the ease at which such content is found. Wessex continues to push the envelope with innovations in its curriculum and research; it would only make sense that they would match this in their eLibrary. Click this site, wessex.ac.uk for more info.

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