Wessex Institute Strives to Transfer Information From Academics to Industry

The Wessex Institute of Technology or WIT, combines the best of both education and research into one full service facility. As an institute of education Wessex places its focus on three primary or core areas. These areas include research, publishing and conferencing. The goal of the institute is to create a means through which knowledge can be transferred to others, with an emphasis on making an exchange of information between educational programs and the people within the business industry who use them.


As a research facility, according to businessinsider.com. Wessex Institute receives funding from industrial organizations interested in their objectives. These organizations or collaborators often include those located outside of the UK, such as the University of Siena in Italy. The institute also produces more than 20 conferences each year. The conferences are held in conjunction with locations provided by other universities and organizations. These conferences allow for the optimized transfer of knowledge within the academic community.

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