Lime Crime Creates Bold New Color


Lime Crime is a makeup company that is famous for creating bold and exciting colors that help an individual to express themselves in a very creative way. The company has attracted millions of followers on their social media sites. The followers share the company’s philosophy and like to share their looks on some of the popular social media sites. The new bold entry is Scandal, a bold liquid matte lipstick that will certainly create a statement. It is a part of the Velvetine line that goes on liquid and dries to a smooth matte finish. All products in the makeup line are animal cruelty free and completely vegan.


Add Drama To Your Look

Perhaps, you are searching for a beautiful color that would quickly add a bit of drama to your look. Try Scandal. It is a beautiful purple hue that will last you all day long. The good news is that the lipstick is smudge proof. The even better news is that it is readily available on the Lime Crime website. The fact is that people love the lipsticks in the Velvetines’ collection. Women across the Internet are totally obsessed with the lipsticks and like to collect all the new colors. Certainly, the new Scandal lipstick is an exciting color to add to your own Velvetine collection.


Wearing Scandal Velvetines

One beauty blogger has a great way to wear the new Scandal. She likes to buff her lips with a lip buffer or a soft toothbrush before application. Next, she likes to smooth on some lip balm or petroleum jelly. She lets it sit on her lips for a few minutes, before applying the Scandal lipstick. She also likes to line her lips with a lip pencil that is in a color that is close to the Scandal color. Those that like more drama might like to line their lips with a darker color.


Lime Crime is a popular cosmetic company that is based in Los Angeles, California. They are slowly revolutionizing the way that people regard makeup. They believe that makeup is not a tool to cover up, but a tool to reveal one’s creativity.

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