Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Say To Connect Guests To Wine At A Tasting

The best wine parties are amongst people who really love wine. A group of like-minded people coming together in order to celebrate the depth of flavors in their favorite beverage. And wine is so much more than just a libation. The complexity of the liquid can really help bring out an entire culinary experience by pairing well with certain food items.

Wine guides for Traveling Vineyard know this all too well. These salespeople specialize in putting on wine parties for people who are passionate about the product. The guides often come into an intimate gathering of friends in order to guide everybody through a well-educated wine tasting experience. It is like a party with an MC.

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An experienced wine guide wants the education to begin even before the wine tasting takes place. The best wine parties always have food pairings. These pairings can be small like chunks of cheese or nuts. The pairings can also be more serious, like a steak or a whole cooked fish. Regardless of the size of the pairing, a good wine guide knows food is critical to highlight some of the flavors in the wine.

The wine guide can get a jump on the wine education and make the wine tasting a more in-depth event by assigning homework to the guests. Each guest should be given a different wine and flavor profile that they must pair with food. It is their responsibility to bring the food and to explain why it compliments their given wine.

Anybody passionate about wine will embrace the homework and will delight in bringing the right food pairing to the event. This assignment gets the guest involved in the entire process. They own a little piece of the tasting that they can be proud of. It also engages the guests, forcing them to become intimate with the wines served at the tasting.

Studies show that customers that feel a connection to a product are much more likely to buy that product. This strategy certainly ties the guest to the wines. It also allows them to feel empowered with wine knowledge before the event.

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