Eric Lefkofsky Steering Tempus to Greater Heights

Other than being the CEO of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder of Tempus. He also serves as the Managing Director of a venture fund investment business focusing on technology business, Lightbank. Eric has led Tempus, a genomic startup, through a series of partnerships, including liaising with Mayo Clinic in assisting doctors to put data into better use to cure cancer patients.


The company, which is based in Chicago, has gained massive interest ever since it opened doors way back in 2015. It announced that with the partnership with Mayo Clinic, it would complete molecular analysis and sequencing for over a thousand Mayo Clinic patients. They will participate in various cancer-related studies, including melanoma, lung cancer, lymphoma, bladder and breast cancer. They anticipate that these studies will provide positive outcomes in helping fight against cancers. One expected result is that they will guide doctors in offering the right medication, reducing the chances of patients being offered treatments that are not working, which definitely will increase chances of survival. For more articles see


Hospitals usually pay Tempus for their services directly in exchange for research information. When it comes to the doctors who are attending to the patients, the company bills insurance.


Other companies that have partnered with Tempus include Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center and Rush University Medical Center. The company came out of stealth mode last year, and among the above two it has partnered with other three companies as well, and   Eric Lefkofsky stated that he expects to partner with even more companies by the end of this year.


What Tempus is trying to build is a large data of information related to diseases affecting various patients. In that case, physicians can refer to the date and come up with conclusions on what type of patients have been documented to be healed by what drug. It is important since cancer is a mutating disease and with proper information and sequence studies, it will be curbed easily. Eric Lefkosky said that the company could only be compared to an operating system oncologist since it allows them to use data to know what to do next.

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