Online Reputation Management Importance

Your  online reputation is only as good as the source. Certainly, this is a fact of life for just about everyone online. Here is an idea: Google your name. Take a look at the results. Are the results accurate or impressive? Perhaps, the results make you cringe with fear. The fact is that online reputation management results are important and critical to your overall success online and in the real world. Just take a look at the statistics. According to one source, more people than ever are going online to find out critical information about a product, service, company, group, or individual.

Online Reputation Affects Everyone

Most people that avoid too much Internet interaction because of personal reasons might assume that online reputation is not all that important. After all, they don’t manage a business or they have just a regular 9 to 5 job, with little contact to the online world. Here are the facts. At one time, people went to the yellow pages to find out about a company or service. They asked friends and neighbors for advice on everything from a business to personal relationship matters. As reveals, today, the first impression that a person might receive about a business or individual is through an Internet search. It happens all the time. A potential employer looks up information about an applicant online and discovers some disturbing news on Facebook. A young woman Google’s a date and discovers some upsetting news. A consumer would like to know more about a restaurant and Google’s their name. They find the reviews disturbing and avoid the restaurant.

The Facts

A recent study found that the majority of HR departments are required to Google the name of a candidate for a job. Most employers are resorting to screening their applicants through their social media post regarding pot smoking, drinking, drugging, bad language skills, or other disturbing information.

If you still seriously doubt the importance of online reputation management, take a look at your online presence. Perhaps, you could use the services of an online reputation management firm to clean up some of the misinformation about you too.

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