The Many Successful Ventures of Don Ressler

The iconic brand of JustFab was established by Mr Don Ressler when his company Intelligent Beauty launched it as a branch in 2010. Since then, JustFab has been renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group, and the name of JustFab has been attributed to one of the online stores of TechStyle Fashion Group on The company is in the business of retail, and it primarily operates online through several online stores such as JustFab, Fabletics, FabKids and a few more. The products that are being sold in the online stores are varied. There is a fashion for kids, active wear and sports gear, fashion, jewellery, shoes and so on.

Mr Don Ressler is a collaborative chief executive officer of TechStyle Fashion Group and the sole chief executive officer of JustFab. TechStyle Fashion Group entered the scene of online retail is March 2010. The business was established in collaboration wth Mr Adam Goldenberg. TechStyle Fashion Group has its headquarters located in the U. S. When it came to be, TechStyle Fashion Group received a major sponsorship by venture capital company Matrix Partners who invested more than $33 million.

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In 2013, co-founders or Don Ressler and Mr Adam Goldenberg stepped into a partnership with the famous U. S. actress Kate Hudson. Together, the trio designed a new branch of Justfab called Fabletics. The name plays on words between ”fabulous” and ”athletics”, and it perfectly represents the products of Fabletics which are stylish and fabulous athletic wear. The co-founders and Kate Hudson had the goal of establishing an athletic wear and sports gear brand that made stylish active wear available to the masses at a reasonable brand since at that time such clothing was only available at extremely high prices of high-end brands.

The entrepreneurial ventures of Mr Don Ressler include several other projects as well. He co-founded several startups such as FitnessHeaven.Com and Intermix Media. There is also the venture of Alena media and a highly successful skin care brand called Hydroderm. Mr Don Ressler was one of the collaborative founders of Brand Ideas, too. Brand Ideas was a particularly profitable venture for him. Mr Don Ressler earned over a billion from it.

Mr Don Ressler has been extremely successful through his business ventures. Marketing and sales are his forte, and that earned him a favourable reputation among his colleagues. Mr Don Ressler is in his thirties, and he lives in sunny Los Angeles where most of his ventures are headquartered as well.

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