Eric Pulier Shows That People Are a Part of Technology

It’s not at all unusual to see people betting on the future of high technology. The field has more than made itself known as the future of almost everything. Almost every industry has been revolutionized by the impact of modern technology. It makes sense to want to make career of it. However, when doing so it also makes sense to look at the industry leaders. The people who’ve created the state of the art in technology have set a path others might be able to follow. It’s often best to focus on the real trend setters, such as Eric Pulier. Pulier offers an example of someone who was working with computers since home computers were at their earliest stages. In many ways he’s defined what it is to use them.


There’s quite a bit to learn from Pulier. But one of the first and most important has to do with his start. He began programming younger than one might expect. In fact, he had his start when he was just in 4th grade. This might seem unusually young. Especially given that the computer industry was itself young when it comes to home use. But this leads into one of the most important lessons from Pulier’s life. It’s not enough to learn about technology. One has to have an inner drive to understand it. This is what led him to start his own database centered company before he’d even graduated high school.


What came next is also important. He quickly joined the official paper at Harvard after he enrolled. In turn, that led to graduation with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in English and American literature. This might seem to be a contrast to his work with computers. But it’s actually one of the biggest secrets to his success. He’d quickly go on to combine his love of technology with other humanitarian focused systems. In fact, one of the first things he did on graduation is found an effort to help treat medical conditions by using modern technology. Since then he’s continued that work, with a special emphasis on helping children with chronic illnesses. This passion shows exactly how to reach the heights in the realm of modern technology. Pulier’s success has come about through passion. Passion for technology, but an even stronger passion for using technology to make the world a better place.




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