Anthony Toma, CEO of Nine9 is Interviewed by Ideamensch

Nine9 The UnAgency is a leading agency that manages actors and models in the USA. The agency was started back in the year 2003. At that time, the founder and CEO of the Nine9 The UnAgency, Anthony Toma, was looking for a franchise in the food industry. However, he happened to land a franchise in the modelling industry. He quickly took up the offer and the franchise was a quick success. He even opened 26 more franchises and many investors. Unfortunately, the franchise started making losses and investors were quick to leave. But, Toma didn’t give up on the business. He decide to start over, this time as his own company. That day saw the birth of Coral Reef Productions Inc., which is today known as Nine9.

The difference between Nine9 and other modelling agencies is that it offers a commission free environment. They give a detailed information of their models and actors so that employers have an easy time identifying their perfect match. As for the models and actors, they get 24/7 alerts. These castings come through a casting recognition software so that you are matched with a casting job. Also, they gave you an option of meeting with industry leaders during workshops and learn more about Nine9.

Recently, Toma CEO of the company was interviewed by Ideamensch. He was asked of how he brings ideas to life, to which he responded that he starts by writing it down. Then he will try and find any problems with the plan. He also makes a presentation to his team and ask them to find any loopholes. If any, they come up with solutions. Thereafter, he places the product on social media to test the product before finally launching it.

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