Understanding the Mindset of a Successful Clinical Research Investor, Clay Siegall

When Siegall was a student of genetics at the George Washington University, he witnessed someone close to him almost lose his life after a battle with cancer. H was most intrigued by the fact that the illness in itself was not advanced enough to lead to death, but the therapies which were being used in the treatment were leading to the deterioration of the patient’s condition. This made him vow to come up with medication that would help manage cancer without threatening the life of the patient. After getting his PhD, he worked for a few companies before leaving and co-founding Seattle Genetics.


Almost two decades after he started the company, Clay is dishing out tips about his climb to the top as a clinical researcher, the challenges that he has been through and the mindset that has helped him succeed. When asked about when he started getting profits from his investment, Clay stated that it was not until ten years after the company went public that they started making substantial profits. He also added that there were several instances when things got a little hairy financially, but having employees who understood the bigger picture somehow made it easier for him to push ahead with the agenda he started the company with.


Then, he was asked about the values that have led to his success. Clay Siegall states that hard work is the one quality he believes to have contributed to his massive success. By nature, Dr. Clay is a workaholic and this naturally means that he will have lots of projects happening at the same time.


When asked how he generates income, he confided that to make money in the business, it is important to wine, dine and do smart sales. He feels lucky to have had some of the best sales people working with him because they have created the right networks within the business and really helped him with the overall success of the ventures. Clay is very confident that after the first FDA approval, his team will manage to push the other 11 drugs in the pipeline to get another approval and that his company will expand even more.



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