Talk Fusion Stays Ahead of the Pack

Running a business in the age of the internet has taken on a dramatically different term in comparison to older generations. Now, more than ever, you need to have a strong staff on your side in order to handle all of the different digital connections required of a solid business. Talk Fusion, established by Bob Reina back in 2007, has quickly risen to the top of the pyramid as one of the most important video and communication marketing teams in the world. Talk Fusion had a huge 2016, winning prestigious industry awards, and now we have CEO Bob Reina commenting on what else they can offer.


Bob Reina knows that the internet is filled with companies trying to offer their services and that’s why he knows he has to sell what makes Talk Fusion so much more important. Talk Fusion, according to Bob Reina, can make a big impact in several different areas of your business and its’ marketing. Reina points out how Norwegian Cruise Line uses the Talk Fusion business account in order to find leads, build relationships, and enhance customer satisfaction. Reina points this out only to say that Talk Fusion can be used in any industry, anywhere in the world.


Perhaps more important is the fact that Talk Fusion can dramatically simplify the way a business runs itself. Reina points out that many companies need to seek out multiple companies in order to cover all of their video and marketing solution services. Rather than spreading yourself out far and wide, Reina suggests taking advantage of Talk Fusion’s ability to handle everything in house. Talk Fusion offers premium technology that helps to host live broadcasts, video email campaigns, contact organization, newsletters and more. Talk Fusion seeks to be an all in one, in house provider for what your business needs in order to succeed.


More than anything Talk Fusion is determined to keep ahead of the pack by focusing on pushing the limits. Talk Fusion embraced WebRTC technology to enhance their offerings before anyone else was really doing it. Reina also believes that his marketing and tech team is among the best in the industry.

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