Vinny Parascandola fills in as the senior official VP at the AXA Advisors, LLC. His obligations incorporate enlisting, deals, maintenance, administration advancement efficiency, and furthermore creating of experienced and new money related specialists. Vinny Parascandola has worked in the business for over 25 years. He has figured out how to secure a considerable measure of success.


He began his career in 1987 when he worked as a specialist at Prudential. He got named as the National Rookie of the Year during this time. Vinny Parascandola later went ahead to work at MONY Life Insurance Company where he served in different local and great positions in the field of administration.


Vinny Parascandola went to work for AXA Advisors in the years 2004 after working for a few years at MONY Life Insurance Company.He began by serving as the President of the Advantage Group. The Advantage Group was a unit of the AXA Equitable that was shaped to draw in monetary specialists who get prepared. He also served as a co-chief of AXA Advisors’ New York Metro Branch. Parascandola has possessed the capacity to win numerous service grants over the span of his profession because of his model initiative abilities. These incorporate the ace office gifts and the GAMA’s job advancement.


Vinny Parascandola is a motivational speaker who talks at industry meetings and organizations. He is a GAMA part and a previous leader of the Florida group. Vinny likewise served as the Chairman of the field officers Council of LIMRA. Vinny went to learn at the Pace University, New York where he figured out how to procure his Bachelor’s Degree in Science. The AXA Advisors, LLC is a retail and merchant appropriation channel for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company.


It is a top commercial security firm.The firm is among the leading suppliers of annuity and disaster protection items in the country. AXA Advisors has a system of around six thousand budgetary specialists. Vinny Parascandola qualities and his achievement in the financial world to responsibility, energy, and diligent work. He works as a tutor to young and upcoming people who wish to venture in his profession.

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