Success Academy Tirelessly Availing Quality Education

Over the years, Success Academy has built its name as one of the top schools in the US. Its first school was opened in 2006, but has since grown to 32 schools, which serve about 9000 students. Of these, 24 are elementary schools, 7 are middle schools and one high school. The school aims to expand and open 13 more schools, which will see the group of schools serve more than 21,000 students. As each child joins the elementary school, the school aims to transform him to a successful person before they join college, which is in the same system and the life thereafter. To bring out the best from children, Success Academy uses an engaging approach from which children can gain knowledge, critical thinking, self-support groups and independence.

The elementary level aims to give scholars a firm foundation by interactive learning; solving problems in math, understanding science concepts, use of their artistic talents and working together in class projects, as well as field projects. The field projects are especially effective in helping the scholars connect with real world experiences, cultural experiences and adding a touch of bliss in the school life. Elementary scholars in Success Academy are taught using two project-based learning units in which they are required to read and write about a subject for about one and a half months. As they progress to middle school, they receive iPads and start literature classes.

Success Academy has introduced its own English Language Arts Curriculum. This was after the feel that the system used before was not rich enough. Their system not only teaches knowledge and vocabulary but also content, which is required to alleviate illiteracy. They as well have their own math curriculum that is meant to address the needs of each child. In the other subjects, similarly innovative methods are used to bring out the best in children. At Success Academy, teachers are very industrious and as a reward, they are paid well. Their evaluation system is done by having regular visits in the classrooms and giving feedback to the teachers, which will ultimately help them improve. These are what make the difference of the school and other district schools.

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