Arthur Becker: Fascinatingly Frank

If there is one thing that Arthur Becker has established himself as, it is a tech mogul. He has this uncanny ability to turn even the most fledgling tech enterprise into something incredibly successful. However, much like everyone else, Becker also has a personal side and outside interests to consider as well. During a recent interview we learned just how fascinating this man can be even when he is simply devoting himself to his spare time. Visit Ideamensch for more info.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Mr. Becker is actually a numismatist. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting ancient currencies from African nations such as Nigeria and Cameroon. Many of these artifacts used for currency are over a thousand years old and Becker is actually quite fond of making reproduction sculptures of many of them. He is also very proud of the fact that a few of his larger sculptures will be on permanent display at some notable Capital Properties Commercial buildings in downtown Boston.

According to Huffington Post, Mr. Becker has also had his share of interesting stories to tell regarding some of his investment ventures. Some of them have went very well and some have not went so well. Becker realizes that it is a learning process. One of the things he started was a binocular startup called BNOX. Unfortunately, it did not take off because of the complicated design. A more successful endeavor would be when he decided to invest in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii when he was in his early thirties. It was definitely a risky proposition, because macadamia nuts literally take years to grow.

So how did Becker make out? He actually did fairly decent considering such a gutsy move. He spent $4 million on the project and the nut enterprise was contracted out to Mrs. Fields. Ultimately, the operation was sold to Mrs. Fields for $10 million. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Of course, Becker has had his share of disappointments as well. He recently split from designer Vera Wang, his wife of over 20 years. Although upsetting, he is thankful that the two daughters he had with Wang and they still remain on good terms. Perhaps one word describes Becker best: perseverance. Check out Cruncbase to know more.

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