Remarkable Achievements of Success Academy Charter Institute

Success Academy Charter Institute is termed as the best when it comes to performing schools in NY. It is a project that accommodates state children of New York, including those learning English and also those with special needs. A random lottery is done every April, to determine which students will be enrolled. It serves students in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan, operating in 41 institutions and supporting an average of 14,000 students. It contains a variety of students, some being former and current English Learners, others are from low-income families, others are former and current students with special needs, and the highest number is of students of color.


Success Academy received a Broad Prize of $250,000 as a result of boosting the academic performance of their students and also diminishing the achievement gaps. This prize is awarded to management organizations of large charter groups on an annual basis. During the prize awarding ceremony, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz, said that she does not believe that destiny can be determined by the ZIP code. All she wanted to do was demonstrate the possibility of children’s success if they were given a chance of re-imagining, reinventing and rethinking schooling. She went ahead to add that her aim is to serve 50,000 children and operate in 100 schools. A network of such a large size would prove a point to the success of charters, unlike the Boston and Atlanta school systems. She believes that schools should be an interesting place where students will have the urge to attend school even if it wasn’t compulsory.


Eva announced that Success Academy was going to open a digital platform to showcase and share their strategies with other charters. Some of these include the design of the school, their training strategies, the pedagogy and the curriculum followed. John B. King, former Education Secretary and current CEO and President of the Education Trust, stated that the nation should put more effort to eliminate educational gaps. These are the gaps that separate students from low-income families and those of color from the advantaged and well off students. The Executive Director of the Broad Foundation, Gregory McGinty says that the foundation of the Success Academy lies within the remarkable unity of the teachers, the families, and the students. Success Academy has grown due to the dedication and sacrifice of each one of them.

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