What Jason Halpern Develops

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Did you know that Jason Halpern, star developer of commercial and residential real estate is making a name for himself today with luxury developments across the United States? His innovative approach to development has given him a unique position in the most desirable markets in the country. While his developments are known in the most desirable cities in the country, his name is well-known in Miami Beach, Manhattan and many others. As the CEO of JMH Development, Halperh continues to focus on making his family proud and living up to the legacy that has gone on before him.Halpern’s commitment to planning strategically, building design and sound construction are all a part of what he is known for in the marketplace. Halpern’s team is also committed to excellence throughout the entire development process as well. His branding across residential and commercial markets is consistent, with hospitality and professionalism playing a very important role in everything his company does from start to finish.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

It’s no surprise that Jason Halpern is so committed to all of these things, given that his heritage dates back 50 years with his family spearheading much of the construction and management of properties in the most affluent counties in the state of New York. Having developed millions in square feet of commercial space under Class A, his unique development skills along with his vision have created an innovative approach to the real estate development market.Much of his companies development legacy has been fostered in buildings that are considered historical landmarks, which is both an honor and a credit to his place in the market.

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Jason believes that respect of the community is important for every development that you take on, in that the community renders its own character and place in the history of the community.Jason is not just a developer, but he is also a philanthropist, committed to giving back as a part of what he does daily. His passion for water projects has led him to donate several thousand dollars from each project to help people in Ethiopia and Nepal have clean water for their families. Every day, Jason continues to find ways in which he can use his skills to give back and help those around him to become better and more committed to their own causes as well.

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