Why Chose Life Line Screening Services?

Life Line Screening is a company that offers screening to everyone. They are the largest company nationwide that offers these services. Their company currently screens millions of people yearly. Andrew Manganaro gives in-depth information on the importance of utilizing Life Line Screening services and what Life Line has to offer. Manganaro is in charge in the protocols that are set in place and he ensures the quality of each protocol keeps with the company standards.

His involvement with Life Line Screening came from the years that he spent as a cardiovascular surgeon. The untimely deaths of patients is what caused him to want to help design a system that keeps patients and their physicians on track with diseases and disorders.

Life Line Screening doesn’t take the place of a doctor’s visit. Their preventive health care goes much deeper than the standard yearly exams everyone goes through. So things that aren’t checked with yearly exams, are checked with the Life Screening process. A full patient medical report is taken, along with a family history, and certain risk factors. Then a physician examines the medical chart and determines what kind of tests need to be performed.

Life Line Screening services are advertised through a marketing campaign. This campaign gives the benefits preventive health care offers. Without preventive care, diseases and disorders can go on without detection until it has progressed enough to cause serious symptoms.

Life Line Screening utilizes a variety of tests that can be performed based on a patient’s risk factors and age. All tests that are performed are non-invasive. They use the finger stick blood testing procedure, ultrasound, and an EKG. All these tests offer valuable insight on what is going on inside a person when they are unaware. Screenings for osteoporosis and other blood tests are offered too.

The results of Life Line Screening is sent to the patient and the patient can disclose these results with their primary care doctor. That way further testing can be done to rule out or diagnosis an issue. Preventive Care is a necessity of life so it is imperative that people utilize what they can in order to get a jump start on their health to know more:  http://www.lifelinescreening.com/Global/Employee-Access click here.

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