Eric Pulier Continues to Aid Children with Philanthropy

Eric Pulier has a track record of helping children and people of all kinds who are going through difficult illnesses. The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and accomplished author is a brilliant example of a man doing what’s right, even when it’s not easy. Eric Pulier started from a simple life. He attended a normal high school in his youth, but he always yearned for more, knowing that he could help people in better ways. With hard work and determination, he got himself into Harvard University.

At Harvard, Pulier was a contributing writer at the Harvard Crimson on a regular basis, and he even graduate magna cum laude. Shortly after college, he relocated to Los Angeles. He would go on to found his first important company called Digital Evolution. This company focused on bringing important changes through technology to the healthcare and education sectors. It was so successful that the Presidential Inaugural Committee chose him to have an exhibit in Washington D.C.

Soon after, Eric would continue his aiding of sick people and children by focusing on a platform that delivered education surrounding MS and how to deal with it. After that, he worked with Steven Spielberg to create the world’s first private social networking site. This site allowed children with diabetes to connect with other children online and see friends in safe chatrooms and blogs. It also featured a movie that showed them interactively how to navigate the world of their inner body in a virtual reality context to discover the effects of diabetes on the body.

Pulier has gone on to found over 15 different companies, many of which have received outside funding in the fields of healthcare and education. He regularly travels the world and gives speeches at important events. And he sits on the board of the directors of the Xprize Foundation, which awards millions of dollars to teams of young people all around the world who compete to create innovative solutions to important global problems. Pulier is true philanthropist, also giving his time to The Painted Turtle, which is an organization that helps ill children in California have fun and explore during a summer camp so they can feel like kids.

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