Philanthropist –Andrew Rolfe

Recently a fund raising gala was conducted in London in support of Ubuntu Education Foundation. During the fund raising; more than 603000 pounds. The event which took place in London was held for the purpose of assisting underprivileged children in Africa, and the amount raised was equal to about R10 million South African currencies. The fund raiser organizers had planned to raise about 600000 pounds which was purposely meant for the expansion of the campus pediatric clinic which is associated with Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth. Another major reason for the fund raiser was to expand the capability of the students in the educational institute.

Ever since its foundation, the organization has been responsible for serving more than 400000 less fortunate people in Africa using their resources. The management of the institution ensures that all the needs of the disadvantaged children living in Port Elizabeth are met from education to their medical challenges from the day they join the foundation to the da y the y will start their career. The group which was founded in 1999 began only to provide education needs to the less fortunate children in Port Elizabeth. However when time moved on; they realized that education was not enough and the society needed more than education that is why they had to offer medical services and give the families stable homes.

In London where the fund raising was organized more than 30 prominent individuals attended the gala night fund raising including; the Chairman of the organization Andrew Rolfe. Andrew Rolfe is not only the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund but he is also the Director for TowerBooks Capital Partners. Andrew is a graduate of Harvard Business School where he earned his degree after studying Business Economics and Administration, and there after he did his master’s Degree from the same institution. Andrew Rolfe also another degree from Oxford and Edmund Hall in Oxford. Before Ubuntu Education Fund and Towerbook Partner s; Rolfe was an executive for the Gap Inc. which is a clothing firm. Andrew was responsible for guiding the clothing organization into the international market. He is a leader who has been at the forefront of assisting companies to enter the global market. He has had an opportunity to work with several organizations which include True Region Apparel Inc., J.Jill, as well as Beverage and more.


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