Samuel Strauch: A Visionary, Innovative New School Entrepreneur

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Real Estate. After earning a degree in business from Hofstra University and completing studies at Harvard University and Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, he went into banking. Eventually, he moved to South Florida and became involved in the real estate business owned by his family.

Strauch started his own real estate company in 2002. It focused on properties in South Florida as well as Latin America and provided help with acquisitions, equity sourcing, development and management. He also provided brokerage services.

An active investor, Strauch also owns interests in a number of restaurants and internet-based businesses. He spends his free time dabbling in art and photography. He was initially enamored with Miami because all the new real estate developments and the city’s transformation from simply a vacation destination to a bustling metropolis. Strauch felt he could get the investors and international clients he needed to make his business thrive. He now spends his days networking, seeking out properties and forging and strengthening lucrative business relationships.

For Samuel Strauch, sparking new relationships and exploring business ideas with clients, investors and partners is fun, exciting and profitable. He’s open-minded and enjoys analyzing the potential and viability of new ideas and deciding where to invest his resources. He understand quick action and proper implementation are critical to success and excels at it. Strauch is excited by how the new generation thinks. He sees business opportunities in how they want to live, work, have fun and build their communities.

Meditation has made Samuel Strauch more productive and improved personal and professional life. He’s also true to himself and focuses on the things that make him happy. To Strauch, his bad relationships, disappointments and business mistakes were essential life lessons that made him the person he is today. Each day Samuel Strauch takes some time appreciate what he has, set new goals and face life with curiosity and an open mind. Plus, he only works with people he trusts and always thinks win-win in his business dealings. His goal is to have a positive impact on the world around him.

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