Nabors Industries LTD is a drilling company established in nineteen sixty-eight, at the time it was known as Anglo Energy Ltd. The company is a drilling contractor of geothermal as well as natural gas, it operates on land in most areas in the Americas, Africa, the Far East and the Middle East. Additionally, in North America, Nabors does onshore well-servicing as well as providing rigs for the oil platform workers for those offshore and provides services for offshore drilling rigs. Nabors industries is said to have the world’s largest fleet of onshore drilling rigs with up to five hundred active oil rigs in twenty-five countries.

The drilling company provides directional drilling services as well as tools that are required to perform drilling work. Furthermore, Nabors provides ground-breaking technologies in every part of the world with major gas and oil markets. The company has become a force to reckon with in the oil industries due to their cutting-edge computerized drilling skills. The company’s highly trained employees have through the years set fresh standards for excellence for other company’s operations as well as the transformation of the industry. This notable progress can mainly be attributed to the guidance of Nabors Industries C.E.O Anthony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello is a Texan who joined Nabors’ board of directors in the year nineteen ninety-one. However, before joining Nabors, Tony Petrello focus was in corporate taxes where he worked at Baker &Makenzie law firm. His skill in corporate taxes was a major contribution to the company being taken offshore in two thousand and two to Hamilton, Bermuda where the company was reincorporated so as to reduce the federal tax and the main office left in Houston.

Tony Petrello, however, continued to move up the corporate ladder, where in October of two thousand and twelve he replaced Isenberg as the president and CEO of Nabors. Among many of Anthony’s achievements as CEO, he changed the company’s corporate governance and compensation practices which allowed anyone with a minimum of 5% to be elected by the shareholders to join the board of directors.

Anthony Petrello is a progressive leader who is not afraid to make changes that better the company and those who work under him. It is clear that Anthony Petrello has followed a clear path of success throughout his life. In every stage of his life, he has made critical decisions that usually turn out to b the best idea.


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