K-5 Personalized Learning with Rocketship Education

Over one decade ago, the first Rocketship school was started in a San Jose Church in California. Although the foundation has made a substantial impact on the lives of the people in the communities they serve, Rocketship Education is still striving to become the education sector standards setter. This article discusses into depth some of the various lessons people can learn from Rocketship Education. Notably, to begin with, personalized learning starts at home. The foundation remains staunch advocates and supporters of the purposeful integration of nouveau technology to ameliorate and support student learning as well as promoting student agency.

Creating more demand is a reliable way of changing the system. Rocketship education is primarily focused on elementary education. As such, the Foundation only facilitates their students up to the fifth grade. Rocketship Education believes that a K-12 school system undermines their ability to engage parents out of the classroom and formulate parent demand for public education equity. In addition, Rocketship Education honors the powers of parents. The foundation built its parent leadership program, which helps families in exercising their power to hold leaders accountable, demand political attention as well as enable the thriving of a high-quality public school system.

Rocketship Education is an extensive, profoundly organized network of K-5 charter public schools, which mission to mainly serve the low-income students in the nearby neighborhoods that are faced with limited access to excellent schools. Rocketship Education utilizes a dazzling combination of adaptive technology, traditional instruction, and targeted tutoring to meet the dynamically unique needs of all their students. The entity firmly believes schools, which are truly transformative have a much bigger role to play beyond educating; they also engage parents, empower teachers as well as inspire communities.

Rocketship Education leverages a bold mission, which is the elimination of the achievement gap within people’s lifetime. Since it was founded in 2006, Rocketship has been rethinking elementary school through continuous, consistent innovation. For the ten years, the education platform has been in existence, and it has been expanding rapidly. Notably, they have been opening one to three new schools every academic year. In 2014’s fall, Rocketship expanded to Nashville, and it had also been approved to open various schools in Washington DC, New Orleans, Memphis, and Indianapolis. By the end of 2017, Rocketship plans to have expanded its reach to more than 25,000 students from low-income backgrounds.

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