Meet Michel Terpins, a Force to Reckon With In the Brazilian Rally Sport

Bull Sertões Rally Team is proud to have Michel Terpins as one of its members. The 40-year old Brazilian rally driver took part in the 25th edition of Sertoes Rally where Maykel Justo served as his navigator. Michel made it to top five in this rally having emerged the best in two out of the three stages. His speed was compromised in the third stage of the race when he had to slow down due to some mechanical hitches.

He regularly takes part in the Sertoes Rally, and up until now, he has participated nine times. This is four times more than his brother Rodrigo Terpins who is four years older than him and also has a great passion for car racing. It is the passion that they have for speed and off-road that inspired them to form the Bull Sertões Rally Team. For the last four seasons, the two brothers have actively taken part in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

The two brothers took part in the Sertões Rally’s 24th edition that took place in August this year. They won the second stage of this rally but emerged 5th overall. They have promised to use the 25th edition of this rally to prove their proficiency in such races. The 24th edition was one of the longest off-road events in this country since it covered a total of 3,300 km.

Michel Terpins had his debut on the Sertões Rally grid back in 2002 when he started in the motorcycle category. He, later on, moved to the cars to join his brother. The two have had T-Rex produced by MEM Motorsport as their most preferred car for racing. Michel Terpins has since then greatly advanced in piloting.

According to Michel, every stage of a rally is an opportunity for him to grow even stronger in his career, and he says that he likes taking challenges. His car is the most important for him during the rally. He describes T-Rex as a strong car that is meticulously designed. To be more appropriate and powerful for the rough terrain, a V8 engine was added to this car.

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