Eric Lefkofsky Reveals the Latest Tempus Funding Success

The healthcare industry has recently seen the arrival of a new name in the field, Tempus, a startup brought to the medical industry by Groupon founder and CEO, Eric Lefkofsky. As the founder of Groupon, Lefkofsky and business partner, Brad Keywell have come to the medical industry with the same technology-based ideas they used to bring cheap deals to their customers through their Groupon brand; Tempus is aiming to build stronger links between different various medical professionals and institutions to aid the treatment of cancer patients in its earliest stages.

A $70 million investment has been announced with some major technology backers who are gambl9ing on the fact Eric Lefkofsky can bring a similar level of success to the medical industry as he has to the Online retail sector without any focus on developing a substantial profit for his venture. Lefkofsky has already revealed he is willing to personally invest $100 million in the Tempus brand as he feels it can be of great importance to the advancement of the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions. The Tempus brand was launched in 2015 in the wake of Lefkofsky’s up close and personal view of the treatment and diagnosis process in U.S. hospitals which prompted the Groupon CEO to look for gaps in the transfer of information between patients and medical professionals. Among those investing in Tempus is Revolution Growth, founded by billionaire Steve Case and only invests in a maximum of three startups outside Silicon Valley each year.

Tempus is now valued at an astonishing $700 million, a figure only adding to the success of the University of Michigan graduate who attained his Juris Doctor degree from law school. Soon after leaving college Lefkofsky and Keywell came together to start their first business and form a partnership lasting to the present day.

In 2007, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell formed the Groupon brand that would take them to the upper echelons of the Online retail industry. The success of Groupon has allowed Eric Lefkofsky to establish his own foundation focusing on bringing educational and scientific opportunities to children on a global level.


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