Drew Madden is a Great IT Consultant in the Healthcare Sector

Drew Madden has been known to offer excellent consultant services to the health sector especially on matters of IT in this industry. He has been a passionate healthcare entrepreneur with an ambition to creating a high caliber team with an attractive organizational culture whose intention is to come up with an attractive and unique organizational culture that in the results in a client partnership that is trustworthy. Drew has been part of the Nordic consulting partners from 2010 where he served as the organization’s president from 2011 to 2016. The company has been at the top rank as one of the largest consultant firms in the world. This has led to the company receiving a number of prestigious awards from KLAS because of its consistent excellence in the industry.

Drew is particularly interested in the electronic medical records. He has been at the forefront of researching on the best ways to maintain electronic medical records. His focus has been on troubleshooting, implementation and offering lasting solutions to the numerous complex issues that affect medical records. During his tenure as the head of the company, Drew saw the employee number rise from ten people to seven hundred and twenty-five employees. The Nordic consulting partner client base also rose to 150 clients from just three when he came into the firm. This consequently led to revenue increase form one million dollars to a hundred million dollars.

Drew also served in other companies such as when he was part of Ingenix, a subsidiary of the united healthcare where he served in the business sector in addition to consulting. United healthcare changed its name to Optum Insight. Drew later moved to Cerner corporation where his IT Healthcare career began and developed. Much of his achievements began because of his qualifications after graduating from the University of Lowa College of engineering where he did his BSE in engineering with a specialty in medical systems.

Drew Madden has been able to achieve a lot in this industry because of the decade he spent managing, implementing and advising on EMR projects. He can combine diverse techniques in the electronic medical records together with project management skills as well as excellent consulting services has made him excel in building successful teams.

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